At Sitework Services, our focus is on Landscape Architecture & Site Design.

For a project to be successful the integration of the site and architecture are key to its aesthetic and functional success. This can be where projects fail or succeed, but it is resolved by choosing a good landscape architect from the beginning.

The melding of architecture and functional site engineering can be accomplished gracefully with sensitivity to all aspects of the design by letting our experience help to coordinate the project.



We begin together- discussing the project requirements, then studying the relationship of all the factors to create a design scheme that will develop naturally. When required we can recommend specialty contractors and other professionals for specific technical expertise. Extensive project management background enables us to estimate costs and schedules accurately.

We pride ourselves on thorough knowledge of custom and standard elements.

Constantly we research and refer to various sources for materials, site furniture, and plants. We believe in sensitive environmental design, following 'green' design practices employing LEED principles when feasible.

Experience                                                                                                                                                            Our design, presentation, approvals and construction monitoring of projects range from a complex urban plaza in Manhattan to a 200+ acre rural site in Connecticut.

-Comprehensive knowledge of site design enables us to quickly note all of the design constraints beforehand; so they are avoided, while we focus attention on all the design opportunities incorporating all positive elements into the design.                                                                             

-We strive to follow a design concept from beginning to end with consistency in the process- paying very close attention to details while not losing site of the overall intent.             

-Also we advocate the use of natural materials and not man-made 'plastic-like' copies. These elements have stood the test of time and will always be 'in-style'.                                         

-We know numerous site contractors- each with expertise in particular aspects of construction. We are aware of each contractor's schedules, work-load, costs and expertise. This allows for correct matching of the appropriate contractor to project thus saving money in the long term.                                                                                   

-We visit job sites and sources everyday. It is impossible to make decisions on details unless you are there.